Your home can be designed using a system developed by Neocasas based in different types of modules of 3x3 meters.

Combining the basic modules and the different available types of front you can design many different combinations easily adapting the house to the current needs of each client.


Also it's possible to extend later the structure adding and connecting in a simple way new modules that extend the surface of your house and cover new needs so you can begin with a single bedroom and afterwards extend it to three bedrooms or add a porch.


We have 4 types of facade finishes (metal panel, extruded ceramic tiles, Viroc and wooden slat) and three roof types (ecological, ventilated and isolating slabs).


This example of a 3 modules combination has 27 m² and it has a multiple uses space and a kitchenette and a bathroom. It also has a 9 m² porch so you can enjoy the outside.


You can have this basic combination from 40.045,60 €.






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