We have designed these modules of 44 m² so that one alone could be a housing.

If several modules are attached the distribution possibilities are endless.


We have a diaphanous module, a compact module and free distribution modules to be able to design your custom home.


Because of its pitched roofs and large windows they easily integrate into the landscape and allow you to enjoy from the inside the magnificent views.

This modular system can be adapted to any type of use, from a housing or a completely equipped office, up to a set of terraced houses with common areas, including schools, hotels and lodgings.


Like all of our modular systems it's possible to extend them later adding new modules if the space needs change.


We have 4 types of finished exteriors facades (reinforced cement, viroc, extruded ceramics tiles and roof tiles) and 2 types of roofs (isolating slabs or gravel).


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