This is how we develop  7x7 and Hex Systems, using the advantages of the industrialization and looking for a natural relation between the design, the sustainability and the environment. Our systems take into account natural resources and take advantage of them.


Opening later a major diversification of systems and adding other commercial modular systems to our catalogue. Knowing that there is another

way of doing things.

It all began when…

After 20 years dedicated to the traditional construction in different areas, Neocasas team decided to join our steps and embark on a new path.


A path more actual and adjusted to the nowadays needs, looking for a more rational, renewable and adaptable building system. After years of research in sustainable processes and materials and modular structures, in mid 2004 we launched to the market our first

modular construction system.

Named 3x3 (for being based on cubic modules of 9m²) this system represents our first stone toward a new rational and practical form of architecture.

Three persons with an idea. To build affordable, sustainable and modular housing that adapt to people today.

How do you continue when you make a dream come true?

…we ask ourselves.

Using functionality and the adaptability as a base for what we name " projects of life " instead of houses, we do not stop after doing this construction project a fact,  instead we are determined to innovate and we know that the needs continue changing, so we continue developing different structures and modular systems that can respond to these needs.

New needs make us create new systems. The company acquires new visions and we take with our new systems, modular architecture and use of new materials to non explored levels.


And now?

Why don´t we talk about your house?



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